Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Random Links

I'm still recuperating from the weekend. I need another day off!!

In the meantime, I'm going to pull a Neil Gaiman and leave you with a list of links that I thought were interesting:

Here's yet another post on the Thriller wedding dance subject. After watching this video and cringing at the lack of synchronicity, I decided there's no way in hell I'm choreographing (or participating in someone else's choreography, a la Thriller) a dance for the wedding party. I would indeed turn into a bridezilla: "No, your arm's too high. You should kick higher right there and then spin. Remember, the zombie move is on the 7,8, and then head slides are on the 1." I would drive everyone crazy. I'm not sure what Mr. T and I are going to do for our first dance, since we never do partner dancing (just your average bootie shaking at the club, which I suspect neither of us wants to do for an audience of 100 of our family and friends). However, whatever we do, it won't be highly choreographed, or Mr. T would kill me. Really.

Planet Gordon was started by a groom-to-be. I've been slowly working my way through the archives from 2003, when he got engaged. He's a really funny writer and actually wrote a book called The Engaged Groom, which is reputed to be funny and accurate--weddings from the male perspective. I've been pondering getting it for Mr. T.

Zazzle does both custom wedding stamps and custom ties. Well, they do custom anything, but those two things caught my eye.

Carbon Footprint offers a wedding registry where guests can register to have trees planted in the UK or Kenya. Those country choices seem a bit random to me, but I like the eco-friendliness of the idea. They also have a carbon footprint calculator on their site, which I need to try out one of these days.

And finally, who doesn't love Peeps? Here are some in wedding garb. Enjoy.

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