Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Two exciting actual wedding-task related things (see, you knew I'd get around to doing something one of these days):

The engagement party date was set, invites/the Evite went out, and people are RSVPing! It looks like my family won't be able to attend, unfortunately, but I'm excited anyway.

Mr. T and I set an appointment to go look at rings. Yep, in a little less than two weeks I will be trying on some bling. Not that I'm not fond of my little garnet. But I am super happy to be thinking about sapphires!

In not so good news, the venue is still in the air. We still don't know for sure about the football schedule, and the one venue I've tried contacting that's in a different area has been super flaky. Not a good sign. Well, I'll keep thinking positively...Send me some venue luck wishes!

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