Friday, July 10, 2009

Invitation Frustration

So, the clock is ticking, and we have no invitations.

Mr. T and I have finally conceded defeat regarding our previous invitation idea. It's too difficult for us to do on our own, and too expensive for us to contract out, and on top of that, the letterpress printer seemed dubious that we could even do print it the way we'd like to, so we're back to the drawing board (tick, tock, tick tock!).

There's an amazing letterpress blog, Beast Pieces, that Mr. T and I have been stalking, so we went there for inspiration (well, and I went to about 300 other sites too, but I figure you don't want to see all the rejects here!).

Here's our new plan:
1. Black paper. This makes me very happy as I have wanted black paper all along. I love the idea of it.
2. Silver ink. Apparently white ink doesn't letterpress on black paper well, but metallics do. Again, awesome.
3. Blind debossing. Mr. T feels confident that he can create a nice border and pattern for the edges of the paper, and we'll have our text centered in the middle. Simple, elegant, and still unique.

I've sent off some questions to the printer about this new plan and am hopeful that they'll say it's all step will be to research paper stock (our printer doesn't carry black, of course!). Mr. T feels a lot better and less stressed about this plan, and therefore, so do I.

Here are some inspiration pix from Beast Pieces:

Love the blind-debossed pattern:

Another example of blind debossing:

More blind debossing. I ADORE this card!

Cross your fingers for us!!

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bluntbelly said...

honestly, i found the invites to be the most stressful part of the whole thing. i felt much better once we mailed them out...