Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suit Shopping: Take Three

This weekend Mr. T and I went back to both Neiman and Sak's in the quest for the perfect suit.

First we went to Neiman and tried on the one three-piece suit they had. It was huge on Mr. T. "You're swimming in it!" I told him. The consultant was trying very hard to make it the right suit by talking about how they'd alter it for Mr. T, but it just wasn't right.

After that we went to Sak's. The consultant there had found another suit that he thought Mr. T might like...and he did! It's black with a subtle black stripe on it. The consultant is not sure if he can get a vest in that fabric, but if he can't, we'll just pick a different one. Mr. T is really happy with the fit overall (he'll need some tailoring, of course), and we were both happy that he found the suit!!! Hooray!

As a side note, I'd like to mention how messed up it is that alterations are included gratis when you purchase a suit, but when you purchase your standard wedding dress, they use alterations as another chance to charge you more. I hate the wedding industry.

Anyway, without further ado, I present THE SUIT (ignore that it's untailored...)!

Mr. T also found a tie he really liked, but it's crazy expensive for a tie. Still, it was soooo amazing and soft and luxe. The other ties just didn't compare. So, he might cave and buy it. It's the black and white striped tie below:

I told him if he gets it I'll wear striped tights. :-)
So, the consultant is checking on the fabric availability, and then the next step is to place the order!


bilunabirotunda said...

Super-cute suit and tie! Glad that's on its way to being done. BTW, the alterations double standard isn't about the wedding industry, but about the clothing industry in general. Women have always had to pay for alterations and men haven't. Or so I understand. Similar to how if men take dress shirts to the dry cleaner, they're given a *lower price* than women taking the same shirts. Read that in a study somewhere.

Pica Maloria said...

Right on! Congrats on finding the suit. I like the tie, too - the striped tights would be bitchin and you could get them as stockings and wear them with a pretty garter belt, and...