Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fascinate Me!

Holy crap, the wedding is (fewer than) 4 months away and I have no idea what to wear on my head!

Well, I have some idea. After my initial love affair with tiaras I decided it was probably much more "me" to wear a fascinator (flower, feathers, or both) with or without a birdcage veil.

Some searching on Etsy turned up these beauties. How do I decide? You must help me.

I think this flower is silk? I like that it has a veil attached, although I'm not sure about wearing a flower at the top of my head and it doesn't look like you can reposition it. Also, I'm hoping you can detach the veil because I don't think I'll want to wear it all night.

This is another flower/veil combo. The Etsy listing did show this one in various positions on the model's head, so I wouldn't need to commit to having a big flower on top of my head. However, this one breaks the bank at $120!

I love this one, but it's also expensive, I think $80? Still, the rhinestone center is great, and there's something very appealing about the veil across the eyes only.

I wasn't even considering hats, but I ran across this one and I kinda love it! Still, I probably won't do a hat. But isn't it great?

These last two are my faves, I think. First, rhinestone buckle loveliness:

Second, sexy flamenco red and black hotness:

I would have to buy a birdcage veil separately if I went for either of the last two. Or, I could just go without the veil. I'm not sure.

Which one do you like? Help a girl out!


bluntbelly said...

I would be worried about the reds not matching your dress perfectly. (especially with photos from etsy - you never know how color accurate people's photos are)

I liked the one with the rhinestone in the center of the black flower and the veil across the eyes only. It reminds me of a masquerade mask, which is perfect for your wedding!

Also, I had a hat for my wedding but took it off immediately as I was too hot (an I'm normally always cold and got married in winter -must have been excitement/nerves)

Pica Maloria said...

Wow - well said bluntbelly- I like the last one, but you may have to worry about color. The rhinestone one would make it easy - you could probably even get a scosh of your red fabric from your dress maker if you wanted to add just a bit of your color. Bet an etsyite would do that.