Monday, June 8, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

On Friday night I printed out samples of a bunch of free fonts I'd downloaded off the interweb, mostly from There was a great Edward Gorey one in there that I loved...we might use that font for the insert, but not for the wedding invitation itself.

For the invite, I had also printed out a bunch of posters from this one site; they were all hand-inked and hand-lettered (no computers involved! Crazy!). Mr. T loved them as much as I did and started drawing an invitation loosely based on the posters. Gotta love that art school education! Here are some of our inspirations:

Amazing, right? I can't wait for our invitations to be done. This was a nice antidote to the practicality of the Knot checklist blues; I needed something to push me back into being excited, rather than overwhelmed!

I talked to our invitation printer today and they put a little bit of a damper on my high seems these are going to be tricky to letterpress (when they started saying technical mumbo-jumbo like "double-bump" I tuned out a little. Mr. T can deal with that). Not impossible, but tricky. We're stubborn, though, so we're going to see it through! I have faith in our stubborness. :-)

And for fun, I'll add a Hello Lucky! Halloween card that we also really like:

Our goal with these designs is to increase the wedding/love related imagery and decrease the creepy/gore/devil related imagery, in order to hopefully find a nice Hallowedding balance that won't cause our relatives to call in an exorcist. That would put a damper on the ceremony. Or, it would be really, really funny, but still, it's probably best avoided.

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bilunabirotunda said...

"double-bump" sounds like technical BD talk to me!

Awesome on the ring! Now that is service...