Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OMW Week 28; WW Week 18

Another 2 pounds lost this week! That makes 25.5 total. Hooray!

I would like to say that every morning I leap out of bed with tons of energy and sprint to the gym, but sadly, that's not true. I'm still going to bed too late and having a hard time getting up in the morning, but I persevere in the hopes that I can someday undo a lifetime's worth of sleeping habits! I think it can be done. I'm a stubborn girl.

Thank goodness Mr. T helps me get up, or I'd be lost. The cats help too.

I'm still not sure what my final goal should be. I initially thought I'd like to lose 30-50 pounds (the BMI chart says 50, but what does it know?), and now that I'm close to 30, I definitely don't feel done. I guess I'll aim for 40 next and see how I feel then!

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