Monday, July 6, 2009

Suit Shopping, Take Two

On Friday we went out suit shopping again. We only had two places on our list, and we had better luck than when we had a ton! Go figure.

Well, we initially also had Burberry on the list to check out, but they got such mixed reviews on Yelp, Mr. T was turned off.

First we went to Neiman Marcus. No one there seemed to give a damn that we were in their store, fondling suits worth thousands of dollars. Finally we found an associate just standing around and asked for help. He found one three-piece for us, an Armani with a decent fit. They didn't have Mr. T's size in-store, but he's having the suit transferred to that store so that Mr. T can try it on and see if he likes it. The cons are that it has a pattern (Mr. T didn't want a strong pattern) and it's expensive.

Next we went to Saks, where we were greeted immediately. The salesman was attentive without being obsequious and seemed to get what Mr. T wanted in terms of look right away. He put Mr. T in 4 different jackets, and while none of them had a vest, Saks apparently has a "Made to Measure" option on some of the lines where you can request custom fits and things like vests. He also offered to check to see if they're expecting any Dolce & Gabbana three-piece suits in for Fall, so Mr. T could get his inspiration suit from the GQ cover. I think this is the route he'll probably take, although he does want to try on the Neiman suit still.

Although Mr. T's suit budget has gone up considerably, we're both OK with it. I thought he should've raised it before, and I believe he's come to terms with it (even though he's the more frugal one out of the two of us).

We both felt a lot better about this trip than our first one. It pays to keep shopping!

Here's Mr. T in an Armani jacket, which we both liked a lot:

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