Monday, July 6, 2009

Votives, favor bags: (Partial) check!

I love Ebay! This weekend I purchased 30 votives for the tables and 90 favor bags and they are winging their way to me. I may add some more votives and/or favor bags, but I'm hoping that I'm done, actually!

The votives are fun and modern and simple, which we liked. There's a lot of crap out there for Halloween decor, as I'm sure you can imagine! We have to use glass votives, also, because apparently there's a law in the city where we're getting married that all candles must be in glass containers. Odd, huh? Unfortunately that rules out a couple of things I already bought, but I'm coming up with work-arounds.

I was intent on finding paper bags because even though the plastic ones were cute and cheap, I just couldn't contribute to landfill in that way. So I spent a good chunk of time researching, and we like these. They were affordable, and invoke a vintage feel. We may supplement with some actual vintage ones to mix it up.

Phew, another 2 things off the list!

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