Monday, July 6, 2009

Gimme Some Money...*

*This title's a joke, by the geekier readers will recognize it as the title of a Spinal Tap song!

So, anyway, we registered for gifts this weekend. It was exhausting. I had no idea it would be that way. And we're not done.

I mean, I do read bridal blogs, and I knew that going through the store with the scanner often starts out fun and ends up with both people tired and hangry (hungry + angry), but Mr. T and I weren't registering for a ton, and we registered from the comfort of our own desktop computer, so I wasn't expecting to end up tired and hangry. And yet we did!

We started with a Bed Bath & Beyond registry. We don't need much, but we do want to upgrade our flatware, dishes, pots and pans, knives...well, maybe we do need a lot. Anyway, BB&B is nice in that they offer a completion discount in case you don't receive everything from your can buy the rest yourselves at a discount. And you can use your discount flyer coupons, too (I think). Score! Mr. T really wanted to register for All-Clad cookware, but I thought that 1. the prices were crazy, 2. registering for pans that cost $200 each made us look greedy, and 3. we cook maybe once a week, so we don't need stuff that's quite that high-end. Mr. T argued that if we were upgrading, he only wanted to upgrade once. However, we finally settled on a Cuisinart cookware set that got great reviews and didn't cost $800.

We also added some dishes (they're from the Gordon Ramsay casual line, which cracked us up since we love watching Hell's Kitchen). Mr. T wanted just plain white plates so I let him take the lead there. I like black plates, myself, but I don't care that much.

He let me pick out margarita glasses and some other random items, and he picked out wine glasses, and things were going along until we hit knives. We were reading review after review online (this is what took so long, I think), and BB&B just didn't have the knives that we wanted, so we ended up starting a second registry at Amazon, which we weren't expecting! This does open up electronics as an option, though...and we do need a camera...

Anyway, we registered for 4 hours and we still didn't finish! We have yet to pick towels, sheets, flatware...I didn't realize it would all take so long.

What we really want, and hence the title of the post, is cash for the honeymoon, so I've also started a Honeyfund account. That site is great in that it doesn't charge anyone any fees to use it, but it's weird in that folks sign up to get you whatever it is (part of your dinner, part of your airfare, part of your hotel, etc.), and then they print out a gift certificate and hand you a check at the wedding. That seems a little odd, but we're so opposed to the fees that we think it's still the best option.

Anyway, to fill out the Honeyfund registry, I need to do more research on places to stay and eat in Vancouver. We're not going until next year, but I want to put in some more personal details about what we might really do rather than generic "dinner for two" or "hotel", to make it more interesting.

Registering in general makes one feel greedy, I discovered. All the sites tell you to over- rather than under-register, but it's making me uncomfortable, and as I said, we're not even done.

I really wanted to check this one off my list, but alas, it looks like it needs a bit more time! Ah, well. We got a good start.

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Brian Bowes said...

Probably not to surprisingly, as soon as I read the post, that song came careening across my mind. I'm such a nerd.