Thursday, April 9, 2009

Second Bachelorette Party of 2009

Saturday I attended my second bachelorette party of the year! It was a little quieter than the first one, but no less fun. We went out for Mediterranean tapas and then out to a club for 80's night. The food was super yummy (I blame it for my half-pound weight gain) and I loved going dancing...I haven't been dancing for ages. It felt like coming home! We adorned the bride-to-be (Mr. T's cousin's fiancee) in a blinking tiara complete with veil, a blinking huge fake diamond ring, body crystal stickers (hers said "sexy") and a bride to be sash. We all got huge fake non-blinking rings and crystal stickers that were hearts, or said love, etc. Also, we all had 80's gloves (mesh or lace) and glow bracelets and necklaces. It was awesome! Halfway through the night the bride-to-be turned to my MOH and asked her to get this pink boa from a guy who was wearing it...and so the MOH did! She traded him for a glow necklace. We ended up trading back later, but it was funny and sweet. It was also funny that the bride-to-be knew that the MOH would be up for it. I told her that her reputation must have preceded her. Anyway, super fun. I definitely want to go out dancing for my bachelorette party.

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