Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good news and bad news

...but mostly good, I think.

So, our spreadsheet has been acting funny since we switched to a Mac and I've been having to fix the formulas. I finally figured out the formula for "money left to save" last night, which had said $5,000, but that didn't seem right when I did the mental math (although, with my math skills, it could've been. You're talking about the bride who added an extra "zero" onto the postage and put tax in twice as a line item). So anyway, the newly corrected Excel document now says we have a mere $2,000 left to go! That's really exciting.

The bad news is, many things are costing us more than I budgeted. For example, when I budgeted for cupcakes, I didn't budget for tier rental, decoration, or setup/delivery. Also, we budgeted for 8 hours of photography, but thinking about how that day will go, I believe it will be more like 12 hours, so we'll have to add more there. Things like that. So I don't think it's really just $2K that we need to save...I'd rather just keep throwing money in the account and figure out what to do with any leftover money later (such as...a honeymoon?).

However, even though it's a bummer that I underestimated, we do still have seven months (OMG only 7 months!!!!!!!!Yikes!!!) to save up, so I feel good about it. And I feel very good about the thought of not going into debt for our wedding. Hooray!!

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bluntbelly said...

Our photographer left part way through the dancing, so you don't necessarily need them there from start to finish - just the last 30 minutes of you getting ready and then a bit after the (cup)cake... 8 hours might be plenty. (I think that's how long ours were there for.)