Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OMW Week 15, WW Week 5

It's hard to believe the numbers in the post title. 15 and 5 weeks, really?

Anyway, I was thrilled that the scale had a different story to tell me on Monday. I lost 3 pounds! That makes 5 total. Of course WW had something to say about that too, telling me I was losing weight too fast, blah, blah. WW has far too many opinions for my tastes.

The interesting thing is that now that I've gotten to the 5 pound mark, my allotment of points was decreased by one. Huh. If that keeps up, I'll be starving by the time I've lost 30 pounds.

The other interesting thing is managing expectations. I figured, between the gym and WW, I would just drop the recommended 2 pounds per week (that would have put me at 8 pounds lost on Monday, not 5). I don't know if I can claim that I've gained muscle mass, but perhaps that's the cause. I'm just happy to wear some old pairs of jeans that had been languishing in my drawer. I'm trying to focus on the small victories rather than "OMG why isn't this going faster?!" That little voice is very hard to stifle, but I'm working on it.

Mr. T and I haven't been very successful at doing 4 workouts a week. We've at least been doing 3, and combined with all the walking and other exercise we do, I don't feel like we're doing too shabby, but 4 days would be nice. Life keeps interfering, somehow, and I think it's just better to be flexible--it probably keeps us happier. Still, it's a goal for someday--4 workout days per week. I started doing some of my crunches on an exercise ball after reading an article about how the added instability of the ball really helped build core strength in a way that floor crunches can't. After the first day I tried it, my abs were totally sore! I guess the article was right.

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