Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cupcake Tasting #5

OMG, yum. We had our fifth cupcake tasting on Tuesday night. Fifth!! Believe it or not, I think Mr. T and I are done. We have at least two more vendors on our list to try, including one vegan baker that comes highly recommended, but Mr. T and I don't think we can do anymore. We need a cupcake break! Luckily, we have some good options to choose from.

We tasted carrot with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, chocolate with vanilla buttercream, lemon, and 2 red velvets, one with extra rich cream cheese frosting and one with vanilla buttercream. Unlike the other bakers we've tried, we did not have to pay for the tasting, and we also got to choose our flavors! I appreciated both of those things.
The carrot was super tasty but we liked the killer carrot from one of the other bakers better. However, the other cupcakes were also great, unlike the other baker--we couldn't think of another flavor of hers that we really enjoyed! This baker's chocolate cake was moist (all of them were moist), not too rich, and the vanilla buttercream was so tasty. I loved it, and usually I'm so-so about buttercream. The lemon was nice and tangy but not too tart. The red velvet was great, and again I liked the buttercream even more than the cream cheese frosting (Mr. T liked the cream cheese). We liked that none of them were uber-sweet, also--we didn't feel sick or jittery afterwards.

Before the appointment Mr. T said, "Unless we love this place, let's just go with the other baker," (the killer carrot baker) and I agreed. After we left, we had changed our minds. We haven't officially decided, but I think we've found our cupcakery. Exciting!

Prices in comparison to the other place are about the same. The baker from Tuesday does decorations for free, while the other place charges 50 cents per cupcake for them. The big difference is the delivery and setup fee, which is a steep and unbelievable $250 from the baker we're now thinking of going with. Mr. T asked me, "Aren't cupcakes supposed to be the cheaper option?" I think what we're going to do is have a friend pick them up and set them up for us, which means we'd save that money. It's a lot to ask of a friend, but folks have offered to help, so I guess it's time to test that!

I get an official proposal from this baker next week, and then we'll decide. Hooray! Check that off the list, which is growing exponentially every day...

So, while I'm on the cupcake discussion, I found this photo on some bridal blog and thought it would be perfect for us. It's not Halloween-related, but Mr. T is a drummer, and his drumset is currently sitting unused in our front hallway. And hey, we'd save on cupcake tiers!

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