Thursday, April 9, 2009

OMW Week 14, WW Week 4

I was bummed to step on the scale on Tuesday and discover I'd gained half a pound. Not only did I not lose, but I gained! The WW website was totally snarky about it too, I have to say. The quote was something like, "So you gained weight. Were you planning to do this?" Excuse me? Like the weight gain itself didn't make me feel bad enough, now I need a guilt trip from my food tracker?

Anyway, it's also been really hard to get up for OMW this week. I didn't get up on Monday, and I didn't get up today. That makes only two workouts this week! I need to go tomorrow if it kills me. Aside from cupcakes, I've been very good about food this week, so that scale better have a different story next Monday, or it's going out the window. ;-)

The good news about this week is that I can now do two sets of 12 (assisted) pull-ups. It might be time to increase my weight on that machine, which I am excited about. I love that machine. I can feel that my arms have a slightly different shape than they used to. Hee!

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