Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding update

I know some of you are thinking: Wow, these book reviews are really nice, and of course stunningly well-written, but WTF are you doing about the wedding that is ostensibly the reason for this blog? So, an update:

1. Mr. T's cousin's wedding is coming up in a couple of weeks. I'll be making notes of ideas to steal. I notice they are using Honeyfund, so it's mutual! ;-)

2. On November 1, we plan on hitting all the stores for decor and favors--50% or more discounts, yay! (Does candy last that long? Hm...)

3. I'm also planning on buying pumpkins this year and experimenting with some of the designs found in this post.

4. I've contacted our potential venue and asked to schedule a tasting. Last night Mr. T and I were debating the merits of pork versus beef. I think he's going with pork (that one's his decision...I'm going for fish. And don't worry, vegetarians, we've got you covered too).

5. Most importantly, we've started thinking about what we want to do for our 11th anniversary this year. The MOH is having her annual Halloween party on the date itself, so it looks like we'll be celebrating on 11/1 (appropriate for an 11th anniversary!).

More updates to come--on 11/1, I think things will really pick up!

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to a wedding this weekend as it happens, so I can report back to you if you wish.