Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Review of Candy Girl

This one I read right after I got home from vacation. It was a really quick and funny read, but I'm not sure it's for everyone, as I'll discuss in a moment.

First, why did I choose this book? you might ask. Well, first, I loved Juno, and Diablo Cody wrote the screenplay.

Second, when I saw her on TV at the Oscars, she was wearing leopard print, my favorite! She looked so awesome in her black hair and leopard dress and tattoos amongst all the glitterati. See below for evidence: Girl loves her some leopard and cheetah print! I also like how she always wears flats. Maybe the stripper shoes ruined her feet for heels?:

Then I found out she used to be a stripper before writing Juno. Hm, interesting. So when I found Candy Girl, which tells how she went from copywriting at an ad agency to being a full-time stripper, I had to check it out.

Her writing is really smart and funny and tells the journey of a "normal" girl deciding to fully embrace an alternative lifestyle. You cringe with her as she awkwardly learns how to do a lap dance and are happy when she makes good money. I know the feminists out there are probably outraged, but she entered the trade of her own accord and discovered that she loved it. A lot of the stories are gross, as you might expect, but mostly the book is fascinating.

One of the more interesting parts of the book is her boyfriend Jonny, who wholeheartedly supports her and never gets jealous. The parts about him and about their relationship really shine.

Anyway, if you're not squeamish, prudish, or a militant feminist, I recommend this one.

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Miss M said...

I absolutely loved this book! Maybe growing up in sex positive SF makes a difference, but I thought it was quite empowering and a good view of the inside workings of a strip club not in SF!