Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I miss my ring, and other musings

I mean, FPO is great, but I miss my pink sapphire loveliness. We were only together for such a short time...I hope Brilliant Earth calls me soon. I am going to Wisconsin next week for my grandmother's 90th birthday, and I'd love to take the ring with me!

This weekend 7 of the library books I'd requested came in at once. Whoops! Time to get reading! I'm almost finished with Sarah Vowell's Take the Cannoli, but that's a very short one. I suppose all the books will be useful for my trip...lots of time spent in airports.

It's almost October! I'm excited to see all of the Halloween decorations popping up in stores. It's hard to restrain myself from buying them. On November 1, I plan on going crazy at the sales!

I'm also thinking about scheduling a tasting at our hoped-for venue...sometime next month. It's hard to believe that things will really be ramping up soon.

It's also the beginning of football season. Aside from potentially preventing us from booking our venue, football is Mr. T's other love. Our friend was talking to Mr. T about football, and he said, "It's so weird that you like football so much. I guess I'm too metrosexual to like it." Mr. T replied, "I'm machosexual." Then he came home and proudly related the story to me. I think he's hoping it will catch on as a term. Machosexual: A man who likes personal grooming, clothing, and shoes, but still enjoys macho things like football. Then he asked me, "Are you going to blog about this?" I said, "Probably."

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