Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm alive

I'm just drowning in work. I'm trying not to think of all the catch-up I'll be doing next Fall after TWO weeks off.

In the meantime, enjoy this STD, courtesy of either Offbeat Bride or Weddingbee, who can remember these things?

I love this, but you'd need to have nice handwriting (or a friend with nice handwriting) to really make it work.


Pica Maloria said...

Who wouldn't enjoy an STD from such a nice couple? Oh yesss, I am just soooo funny! ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alive - I hope the trip was good? I also am drowning in work. And, yes, like Pica Maloria, I was confused about the nature of STDs. :-)

Bellybee said...

The trip was great, and since I work on health books, I just have to inform you that the other type of STD is now called an STI: sexually transmitted infection. Hopefully this will help brides everywhere! ;-)