Friday, May 23, 2008

Setting the (Other) Date

I have been dragging this past couple of weeks, thanks to being out of town and then getting sick (bleah), but I'm here! I couldn't stay away for too long.

The wedding stuff all feels very far away sometimes. I get disheartened; like, why even try to plan when there's no way we can make a decision? And we've had no luck thus far trying to find a non-football impacted venue to even look at. Le sigh.

However, we actually did make a decision yesterday (I think!). We picked a date for our engagement party. This party has been pushed out time and again because of how long it took us to get our guest list together, and then everyone was too busy to discuss dates, and then, and then, and then...but we did it. We picked a date in July, which hopefully gives people time to purchase airfare if they'd like to fly in. Hoorah! I'm just waiting for the MOH, my bridesmaid, and one of our friends to send out the Evite/invites now.

It feels good to get something on the calendar. We're having it at the MOH's house and I believe it's going to be a Halloween in July-themed party...she has tons of decorations she can put up. I don't think we're making people dress up, though, but as you all know, I love a theme.

I'm really excited to get all our friends (and hopefully family, if they can make it) together to pre-celebrate an event that will be 12 years in the making! It lifts my heart.

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