Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Review of The Outlaw Demon Wails

I'm not actually sure I have a lot to say about this one (aside from yes, the title sucks). Kim Harrison's books are fun, trashy, supernatural fiction. There isn't a lot of literary value to be gleaned, but her books do keep me up until 2 a.m., because I have to know what happens next.

Her books are set in an alternate reality where humans coexist with witches, vampires, werewolves, elves, pixies, fairies, and demons. This book introduced a new character, Bis the gargoyle, who I liked--he was very endearing. He didn't really do much, though, so I suspect his role in this book was just a set up for the next, where he might play a larger part.

The main character, Rachel Morgan, is a witch who is self-employed as a bounty hunter/private detective, along with her partners Ivy (a vampire) and Jenks (a pixy). She's also on the run from several demons who want her for a variety of reasons. As with most heroines in this genre, Rachel is a badass with a big mouth and a bigger heart. She wears leather, drives a red sports car, and generally flirts with danger every chance she gets.

In this latest installment in the series, Rachel is mourning the loss of her vampire boyfriend Kisten, trying to figure out who killed him so that she and Ivy can track him down, learning new ways to defend herself from the demons that are after her, dealing with family secrets, and working hand in hand with a drug lord that she can't stand in order to save herself and his race (the elves).

Like I said, it's not Anna Karenina (I certainly wouldn't be staying up late to finish that one!), but it's plenty entertaining and good summer reading for those who enjoy paranormal fantasy.

Next up: I'm finally reading the wedding industry book! Mr. T has moved onto Rock On, but we can't renew it b/c it's apparently a popular book in the library system and there are requests for it. So, Todd is scrambling to read it before the due date! I didn't realize the library did that. It makes sense, and if I were waiting for a book I'd be bummed if each person before me kept renewing it multiple times, but in this scenario, it would've been nice to keep it for a few more days. Perhaps Mr. T needs his own library card?


Anonymous said...

If only they weren't all so thin... I think I'll have to add a goal to my list: writing a supernatural badass heroine who doesn't shop the petite dept. (Curious that all the expressions that mean "heavier" are rather repugnant. "A little meat on her bones": gross. Etc.)

It could even be a chicklit/scifi crossover. I think that could be fun. Not that I see myself as a chicklit heroine, mind you.

Bellybee said...

Well, to be fair, if I did as much kicking, punching, jumping, and running for my life as this heroine does, I would be tiny too.

There is one supernatural series with a "curvaceous" heroine, but it's not very good, unfortunately.

And as for terminology, I like "zaftig." ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I suppose our zaftig heroine will probably be the mastermind (mistressmind?), with fairly low energy genuine badassitude. But definitely some!