Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Halloween Wedding Pix and Other Inspirations

Here's an entirely random assortment of inspiration pix I've been saving.

First, more pumpkins!

This is a sweet pumpkin pattern I found called "Wedding".

This is from a bride and groom who got married close to Halloween, so they added some Halloween touches...she had a toned-down Bride of Frankenstein costume on. Can't remember how I found them, maybe the Offbeat Bride photo group?

I actually found a tool online that will do this to pumpkins (or fruit, or what have you) so you can put tea lights in them. I love these little votive holders! I totally want to use this idea.

I can't remember where I found these, but here are some cute pumpkin patterns that are more abstract:

One couple used a pumpkin as their guest book. I'm torn on this one--it's super cute, and am I really going to look at the guest book in the future? But then again, if I wanted to, I couldn't with this guest book, since it will rot eventually!

This is a really cute idea for table numbers, if we decide to go that route:

More table inspiration:

I love all these candles. It looks so pretty:

More candle ideas:

From the wedding with the pumpkin guestbook, courtesy of Offbeat Bride, here are some cute favor bags:

And prizes for best costume! I've thought about a costume contest for our wedding, but as Mr. T pointed out, who would be the judge?

That same couple had an awesome cupcake stand, and creepy Halloween cupcakes! They are a couple after my own heart (check out the toasting flutes too, I totally want to steal that idea):

Not Halloween-related, but fun, and also by way of Offbeat Bride, a whole wedding party in Chuck Taylors (even the bride!):

More unusual bridal footwear (and appropriate for Halloween!):

Another Halloween wedding. I think this photographer is local to me. I like her work, so I'm going to chat her up when the time comes...This minister looks like Otho (from Beetlejuice) to me, and I love the coffin backdrop (again, note the groom's footwear):

Mr. T didn't like the idea of black suits with black shirts and orange ties for his guys (he said they'd look like waiters), but I just think this looks very cute and seasonal. Sorry about the thing in the middle, I did this as a screen capture and apparently my mouse was in the wrong place, bringing up bizarre messages about settings and such:

I found a leopard print wedding dress! So cute! I don't love this particular print, but I am a huge fan of the faux leopard. Hm....

I found this dress as a possible alternative silhouette. It's like the best of both worlds: I could dance in it, but could have a bit of a train (I's hard to tell). Imagine this as a red corset dress and sans the odd diagonal line down the front and tell me what you think:

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