Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Made of Honor

On Saturday I had a typical crazy day--haircut in the morning, then dance rehearsal, then the MOH and I went to the Annie Leibowitz exhibition at the Legion of Honor, and finally I took my ladies out to see Made of Honor as sort of a wedding kick-off. Oh, then dinner later--you know, the usual overstuffed day. I'm not happy unless I've got 20 things to do!

The exhibition at the Legion of Honor was great. I hadn't ever been there, so it was a surprise how gorgeous it is. It's set right on the Bay and would be a great place to take photos; in fact, we saw TWO wedding parties there taking pictures. Both sets of bridesmaids were in hideous dresses. I'm just amazed that still happens in this day and age. One set was in a hot pink, ruffled mini dress, and the other set was in burgundy (better color than that pink, but...), matronly floor-length coat-dress. Crazy. The MOH and I were amazed. My ladies will be wearing black dresses and black shoes of their own choosing; I can't fathom asking anyone to buy a hideous dress they'd never wear again. What a waste of money!

After a half-hour power tour through the exhibition (some of the photos made us weepy; she's such an amazing photographer), we zoomed over to the Metreon for what we all anticipated would be a terrible but fun movie. We each got a $1 massage in one of the automatic massage chairs. That was bizarre--we were giggling and yelping. Then we all crammed in and took photos in a photobooth. After that, my bridesmaid attempted to win me a stuffed animal from one of those coin operated claw machines. We were totally robbed--she had that panda all lined up with the claw, but the thing just wouldn't grip it. Robbed!

Finally we got upstairs and saw the movie. It was a bit better than all of us expected. Patrick Dempsey's much cuter than he was in his Loverboy days, that's for sure! It was entertaining fluff and we all had a good time.

After the movie we rushed to the mall to try to get to Out the Door before it closed, but to no avail. We ended up eating mediocre thai food and then yummy gelato to finish it off--no girl outing is complete without sweets, right?

It was a really fun day with my ladies. Hooray!

(Sydney Pollack plays Patrick's dad in the movie, so it was startling to read that he died yesterday. Weird to think we probably just watched the very last project he completed.)

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