Monday, May 12, 2008

Sanctioned Shopping Spree

This weekend Mr. T and I finally used some gift cards that have been sitting around since Christmas! It was like a sanctioned spree, which felt really good after trying to be so careful with our cash lately.

First up was Sephora (Mr. T didn't make this part of the trip with me...I met up with him later). I bought the Fiberwig mascara I blogged about in my makeup post. While I do like it, I agree that it in no way compares to wearing false lashes, which is what the packaging claims. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. Still, if it's really waterproof, that makes it a perfect wedding mascara.

I also bought Benetint, as part of my blush experiment. I like it! I wish it weren't rose-scented (it is supposed to be a lip and cheek tint...who wants rose scent in their mouth?). But anyway, it's nice and subtle. I'll try it out a few times and take pictures before I pass my final judgment.

Finally, I bought a tester of that photo finish primer I blogged about. That stuff is not cheap, let me tell you, which is why I bought the tester. I haven't tried it out yet, though. Again, I figure photos will tell the real story. At this point I was over my gift card amount, but oh, well. ;-)

After Sephora we trekked up to Macy's--first to the men's department to buy Mr. T shoes (this was his bday gift from me). He found two pairs he liked, and one was so heavily discounted that we got him both pairs! We felt like super bargain hunters. Next we went to the housewares section and bought a set of sheets and a set of new towels. I wanted the sheets to be a deep red, but when we got them home we discovered they're more brick-red, or rust-red. Oh, well. They were on sale. They also have a "Dobby stripe"--we weren't sure what that meant, but took it as a sign since one of our cats is named Dobby. The towels are green and ultra fluffy. And we only ended up paying $8 to cover the tax!

When we handed our gift cards to the woman behind the counter, one of them wouldn't scan in, and she just handed it back and said, "this one's not going to work." I kept handing it back to her and asking why, exactly, it wasn't going to work. Frankly, if she hadn't finally made it work (she had to swipe it rather than scanning it), I was ready to walk out. What crappy customer service--she really couldn't have cared less about us or our transaction. We will not be registering at Macy's!

Last night, to continue the theme, I made a pasta salad from a recipe out of a cookbook that I got for Christmas that I hadn't even looked through before. It was yummy. We watched Hot Fuzz and The Darjeeling Limited. Both were great. It was a nice little weekend together with my future hubby. Sometimes I get so busy with dance and seeing friends and going to the gym and other obligations that I forget the little domestic things that keep me happy, too. It's always nice to have some downtime with my kitties and Mr. T.

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