Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm torn regarding the idea of a bridal shower. The MOH wants to throw me one and keeps asking me about it, but I feel like weddings are expensive enough for everyone involved--not just the bride and groom (and/or their family), but also the guests and especially the wedding party. I feel very uncomfortable basically asking for two gifts for one wedding.

The MOH proposed a couple of things to ease my mind: first, that we could have folks make donations to a charity in lieu of gifts, but that no one would be obligated to do this, and two, she wanted to make the shower co-ed as a fun change from the usual girls-only showers.

I'm still torn. It feels like it might be a repeat of our engagement party, which, while it was awesome, I don't see the need to re-do. That's a lot of work for the hostesses, and a lot of money spent to feed folks.

And, although I trust the MOH not to do this, the entertainment at a shower is typically silly games that I can't stand.

Perhaps I am approaching this with the wrong attitude and I just need to view this as a nice opportunity to hang out with friends and family before the wedding. I don't know. I do want a bachelorette party to have a fun night out with my ladies before the wedding, and I kinda feel like that will be enough. Both seems excessive.

Do any of you have opinions on bridal showers?

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bluntbelly said...

I skipped it, for all the reasons you noted. I threw both for my pal Meghan since she had friends/relatives who wanted to celebrate with her, but she didn't want them at the backelourette party. So we had a bridal tea with all the girls (work colleagues, some family) and then a smaller subset of girls at the bachelourette shenanigans.

Based on what you described, it does sound like it might be a repeat of the engagement party. But then again, you only get married once...