Monday, August 10, 2009

Envelope Addressing Frustration

We got our black envelopes in the mail last week, so I thought I'd get a jump on getting our invites prepped to go by starting to address some of them on Sunday. I'd read a blog post about how to do faux calligraphy, which I thought was genius.


None of the things I thought would be problematic were actually a problem. I was able to easily create an envelope template and align the address properly. The envelopes fed through our home printer perfectly. The black text showed up on the black envelopes so that the type was visible under a good light, and you could trace over it. And yet, when I tried to, my attempts looked AWFUL. We went to the store and got different pens. Still awful. Mr. T tried it. Awful.

Mr. T decided that the problem was probably the pens and ink. Unlike the blogger I referenced, we didn't want to invest in a calligraphy pen...we don't have the time to learn how to use one properly anyway! We bought an assortment of silver pens, but all the attempts looked either messy, or blotchy, or spidery, like an extremely elderly calligrapher had addressed them. I think the ink just didn't want to take to the paper that already had ink on it. Mr. T also thought that as we slowed down to try and trace the address, the ink pooled up, causing the blotchy and messy effect.

So, after hours of trying to make this idea work, I gave in crabbily. Guests will just have to make do with my handwriting! Oh, well.

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bilunabirotunda said...

Your handwriting is just fine, I'm sure. :-) Calm down. I've been to 2 more weddings these past 2 weekends, btw. Can do another guest post if you want. It's ok if not.