Monday, August 3, 2009

OMW Weeks 29-30, WW Weeks 19-20

So, when I weighed myself the week of 7/20, I'd gained two pounds. Sigh. The MOH suggested that it was water weight. Two pounds of water weight seemed crazy to me.

However, happily, when I weighed myself the week of 7/27, I'd lost that two pounds! I'm just happy not to have gained more weight in Hawaii, since not only was I not getting up for the gym, but I was also laying around by the pool and disregarding WW at every turn. Phew! So, I'm still at 25.5 lbs lost as of last week.

This week's weigh-in will hopefully happen tomorrow...we didn't get up and work out today for a very good reason, which I'll post about next!

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