Thursday, August 27, 2009

OMW Week 33, WW Week 23

I was just thinking posting was light this week, and then I noticed Bilunabirotunda had done her post! Hooray! The pressure is on, I guess...I can't say that we are reinventing the wedding from scratch, but I hope our guests have a nice time anyway. Especially because their outfits will play a large part in the room decor!

Anyway, another half-pound lost this week! That makes a total of 29 pounds. It feels agonizingly slow right now, although I'm glad I'm still losing.

Today I had to use the main downstairs gym because the upstairs women's only area is closed until Sunday (I think they're cleaning the carpets and painting?). I noticed a few other women down there looking lost, but there wasn't the crowd I was expecting. Maybe folks aren't working out since that area's closed.

Anyway, the downstairs gym is really nice. Better floors (who puts carpet in a gym?), a larger, sunnier space, and nicer, more modern weight machines. I liked all of the weight machines down there better with the exception of the pull-up machine, which felt a little...flimsy, for lack of a better word. I noticed that the angles on some of the machines were different, so the way I used my muscles was different. In fact, I'm a little sore! Also, I could do more weight than normal on certain machines, and less on others. It was kinda fun. I might have to make more trips to the downstairs gym!

I will say, though, that the stretching areas were too small. I guess men aren't into stretching? Also, the women's area is way better equipped with fans, I guess because it wasn't air-conditioned until recently. And the men certainly need some fans. Some of them were very odorous. Women just smell better. Mr. T always says boys are gross, and in some respects, it's true. ;-)

I have one more adventure in the co-ed area this week and then I can retreat back to the women's area starting Sunday, if I so desire. I hope the co-ed area isn't super crowded on Saturdays. Hm.

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