Monday, August 10, 2009

Dress Fitting #1

On Friday I went for my first dress fitting. Even though what they brought out was two pieces of different colored off-white muslin, I squealed and yelled, "I LOVE it!". I guess I'm an easy customer.

This was my first time in a real corset (Hot Topic or Lip Service ones just don't count, do they?) and even though it was just the muslin mockup, I was surprised by three things:
  1. My waist looked tiny.
  2. M. was right, I won't need a bra (first time in my life, I think! Well, aside from when I was younger than 11 years old).
  3. It was a little harder to bend over than normal! Well, I guess I wasn't super surprised by it, but that boning is no joke. I had great posture.

The skirt was a bit too short, and the shop owner thought I'd lost weight even since she measured me, which I'm not sure if I lost all that waist was the same size when they re-measured me on Friday.

I had to pick a new fabric because they can't get the Duchesse satin anymore in the color I liked, but they presented me with a silk dupioni that I liked even better. I loved how the lace panels in the skirt looked, and we're going to back those with the red fabric so you can see the detail of the lace. I can't wait to see the final product! We're going to do one more muslin before they cut fabric, so I'll go back in a month or so. Squeal!!

I'd post some pix, but Mr. T is known to read this blog from time to time, so you'll have to email me for them if you're curious! ;-)


bilunabirotunda said...

Yeah, a corset is an old-fashioned super-bra, you know. That's what they were *for.* :-) You didn't think they wanted tiny waists and saggy boobs, did you?

Pics please!

bluntbelly said...

You should definitely try and wear it a few times before the wedding so your body gets a little used to it. Also, we may need to have a private dance session - they do severely restrict your movement and breathing. (and despite it being Halloween, we don't want a blue bride!)

Pica Maloria said...

Dupioni! Super yummmmmy. I agree about getting used to the corset afore day of. Perhaps they would let you keep the muslin aftrr the dress itself is constructed so you could wear it a couples times to give you the basic feel. If the Muslim isn't completely disassmbled, that is.