Monday, August 3, 2009

Invitations to Printer: Check! Plus, other random tasks

I'm so happy to report that we sent the invite files to the printer yesterday and dropped off the black paper this morning before work. Hooray! That is such a weight lifted. We were ecstatic after uploading the files yesterday.

Also, the printer has already sent us a PDF proof of our invite. That was fast! The owner told Mr. T that they were in a lull at the moment, so the printing might only take about 2 weeks. Hooray! That means, if we have some time to spare, that we can consider doing custom postage through Zazzle or a site like that, to coordinate with our invitations. If we use the post office's postage, we're stuck with some not-so-thrilling options, but we'll suck it up if we have to. I just wish they'd updated the Edgar Allen Poe stamps with the new rate...sigh.

This weekend we also accomplished a few other wedding tasks:

  • We made our registries live on our wedsite. We haven't added flatware yet, but we can do that later.
  • We tried two more rehearsal dinner options. This is turning out to be much more challenging than finding the wedding venue! To summarize, the Vietnamese place closest to our venue sucks, so we're looking at opening our search to restaurants without private rooms.
  • We purchased a custom return address stamp from Etsy.
  • We booked our hotel room for our wedding night, plus our photographer's hotel room for two nights.
  • We ordered our cupcake stand (cardboard, to be painted and adorned by us).
  • We purchased gifts for my bridesmaid and MOH as well as our officiant.
  • I purchased a wedding band for Mr. T from an online jeweler...luckily we can return it to the company if he hates it.
  • We purchased envelopes for our invitations, with extras for thank you notes. We also decided that lining the envelopes wasn't worth the hassle, so that's another thing off my list.
  • We put some thought into our first dance and decided what we're going to do (but I'm not telling!)
  • I scheduled my first dress fitting for this Friday! This is when I try on the muslin version. After that they order the fabric and get to work!

Phew! Only another 120 things to go!

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Pica Maloria said...

Congrats! You two are positively rolling along!