Monday, May 4, 2009

Wedding Progress

I've been slowly emailing out our save the dates. We were originally going to print up postcards for this, but it's more eco-friendly and also cheaper just to do emails, so that's our route. I have zero regrets about not printing something--we posted our engagement photos on our wedsite, so folks can see them (and they can see a number of them, rather than just the one or two that could fit on a postcard). So anyway, I think I have about 20 more emails to send out or so. Phew!

Some folks seem to be getting confused about whether they're supposed to RSVP to the save the date. I guess I'm just so immersed in wedding world that the purpose of the save the date message seems self-evident to me: save the date. But for the few STDs (hee hee) we have left, I'm going to put "invitation to follow" in the email, and hopefully that will make it more clear.

This weekend I also worked on the playlists for the wedding. So far we have a lot of 80's music, as Mr. T pointed out. I have about 5 hours done (which is as long as our entire wedding, ahem) and Mr. T hasn't contributed any of his music yet! Nor do we have enough dance music on's mostly dinner/reception-worthy tunes. Hm.


bilunabirotunda said...

Our experience was that things take longer than you expect - especially the dinner part. So more music than you think you need is good. Our dinner mix repeated 3 times!

Pica Maloria said...

Very cool on the use of emails!!
Oh, and in case you wanna get *really* crazy for some wedding jewelry: