Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OMW Week 18, WW Week 8

Another 1.5 pounds gone! That makes 10.5 pounds total, hooray! I rewarded myself with a new pair of workout pants--I only have the one pair at the gym and they have a hole in the pocket. I pretty much got the same pair except they are black with pink stripes instead of black with white stripes. I love black and pink together.

Mr. T and I also got ourselves some 5-pound weights for home. They were heavier than I imagined. 5 pounds sounds like nothing, but when you have one in each hand, it's substantial, actually. I think Mr. T is going to use them while he is on the bike, and I'm going to try an exercise DVD that all the brides are blogging about called 30 Day Shred...supposedly you need hand weights to do the routines. Even if I hate the DVD, though, weights are a good thing to have around.

Finally, I got myself another Nalgene (BPA-free) bottle for work. Now I have one at work and one at the gym (hooray for drinking water without toxic plastic chemicals in it!). Now I just need another for home and I'll be set.

Tuesday I went to the gym and realized I'd left all my clothes at home after I'd washed them. That was disheartening! I'll have to make it up the rest of the week.

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