Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Mr. T and I have decided we're serving two signature cocktails, wine and beer, and champagne for toasts. The venue is letting us bring our own alcohol, so we're hoping to take advantage of some cash savings in this area.

The problem is, I have no idea of what quantity to buy. Most wedding articles are either for wine/beer/champagne only or for a full open bar. What about for signature drinks? It's mind-boggling to try to do the math.

I was looking up costs for 1.75 L bottles of vodka and tequila, and they're much cheaper, but Mr. T thinks they're too hard to work with behind the bar. I kinda don't care if the bartenders have a hard time with our bottles. Is that terrible of me? I mean, it's a significant savings between two 750 mL bottles and one 1.75 L bottle.

Luckily (although, we're still paying for it, but I suppose we're lucky in that it's just taken care of and I don't have to add all this into my calculations), the hotel provides bartenders, non-alcoholic drinks, glasses, napkins, etc. So we're just looking at booze, really. Oh, and margarita mix, because I refuse to use the high-fructose corn syrup kind.

Mr. T is going to ask his brother (the chef) for help figuring this all out. His bro caters weddings frequently, so he might know or at least help us estimate.

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bluntbelly said...

My only thought is that its better to have too much than too little - you can take it home with you after.

We went through a 750ml bottle of tequila with 6 people in 2 hours during a mah-jong game, if that helps. (We were having margaritas.)