Friday, May 29, 2009

Wedding Ring Dilemma

I'm on the mailing list for Brilliant Earth, the lovely company that made my engagement ring. I was pleased to note they've started offering "matched sets" online, including adjusting and contouring one of their existing wedding bands to my e-ring setting:

Cute, right? I hadn't realized it, but somewhere in the last few days I got very, very attached to this band, thinking I could just swap out the diamonds for pink sapphires. Sigh.

So I emailed BE and asked them what their stone stock was like and whether we could get a discount if we bought a wedding ring because we also bought my engagement ring there...I wouldn't be so pushy, but I noted that the price for my engagement ring setting has now gone down about $200! So I felt like it was worth asking.

That led to me being shot down on all fronts when their customer service rep told me no, there was no discount, and no, they were no longer able to source pink sapphires in that size...I had wondered why all the pink sapphire wedding bands disappeared from the site a month or two ago. How could I have known? Not only do I not like diamonds, I really think they're going to clash with my e-ring, and I'm not one of those girls who just wants to wear just a wedding band. I want to wear both! I love the idea of a wedding set.

So, I'm super bummed. This leaves me with a few choices:
1. Try on their plain bands to see if I like them with my e-ring.
2. Have them custom-design something without stones to go with my e-ring.
3. Try to find a vintage or vintage repro setting at another jeweler, either with pink sapphires or (more likely) with detailing, but no stones.
4. Have another jeweler custom-make me the exact ring I want, but with unethically-sourced stones.

Out of all of these ideas, 2 and 3 are looking the most appealing. I've found a few alternative ideas online. Here they are for your judgment:

This is from an antique jeweler in SF. I like the engraving along the sides, and I could see if they'd offer it with just pink sapphires, no diamonds, but ultimately I don't know if it will really go with my existing ring. It's also very expensive.

Another pink sapphire and diamond option. I like the milgrain detail, but other than that I think it's just okay.
Pretty engraving, but perhaps too organic for my e-ring setting?
Again, not sure if this will "go".

Also very pretty. I wish the band were curved.

This one has potential! Not sure about the flower design, though.

Again, possibly too "organic" feeling.

This one is from greenKarat, another company that uses renewed metal. This design is not quite right, but they'd also do custom work...then again, if I'm going custom, why not go to the source and get something better matched to my e-ring?

This is a pretty floral ring with lavender sapphires. This company does lovely engraving and custom work, so I could potentially get exactly what I want if I give up on renewed metals and sustainably mined gemstones. Which sounds unappealing when I put it like that.

That same company offers this ring as a men's wedding band, but they'd offer it thinner, I bet. This is pretty.

Another from that company, this time with diamonds.

This ring is from Brilliant Earth. I really like it but I don't know how it would look with my e-ring, and I think it's too wide anyway.

Another from BE. It's a good width but again, not sure if it would go.

This ring is from some antique store online; it's a reproduction, and I like the slight curve. It's also very reasonably priced! I think it might work with my e-ring.

So, any thoughts?

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