Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner: Check??

I forgot to mention that we may have found the place for our rehearsal dinner, although nothing's final yet.

We gave up on finding anything near the wedding venue, which opened up some places we'd ruled out before. I emailed our favorite Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood to see if they ever close the restaurant for private parties (the place is tiny, so we'd have to buy them out), and they said they did! We've been working on a menu, and it looks like we'll also have a tea presentation after dinner, which will be really fun. I love this place--they use organic produce and free-range meats, and they're known for their tea selection. And better yet, the prices are not going to break us.

We haven't put down any money yet, or finalized the menu, but I am cautiously optimistic that we've found our restaurant! Hooray!! And phew. I was getting worried there.

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Linda said...

is this Imperial Tea Court?