Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OMW Week 36, WW Week 26

I'm not sure how much I lost/didn't lose this week! The digital scale I've been using at the gym is broken, so I was forced to use one of those old-school scales where you slide the pointer over and see if it balances. If I go by that scale, I lost 2.5 pounds, which seems unlikely to me. Hm.

They put new carpet in the locker room. I guess they have to replace it frequently because of all the swimmers and folks wet from the shower who drip all over the carpet. One woman wears normal closed-toe shoes (not flip flops, like all of the rest of us!) in the shower and then tracks soapy water all over the locker room. Folks' choices baffle me. That's stranger than the woman who wears jeans during her workout. Or eyeshadow lady. I do love people watching!

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