Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Review of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (Spoilers!)

I'm way behind on book reviews, so I'll make these short and sweet. I actually bought both of these, so I shouldn't be reviewing them as part of my budget library bride series, but I did review the first two, and I like to complete things.

Eclipse: Jacob and Edward fight over Bella, but in a whiny, snarky way. Really terrible dialogue. Big vampire showdown at the end between two rival clans.

Breaking Dawn: Contains more action than the first three books combined, but that's not saying much. Bella and Edward finally get married, have sex, and spawn a half-vampire, half-human child. The birth kills Bella (I think her refusal to abort the kid that's killing her is a religious anti-abortion message) and Edward just barely manages to turn her into a vampire before she's all the way dead. Jacob falls in love with the child, who ages abnormally quickly, and he also forms his own werewolf pack. Big vampire showdown at the end.

I'm glad I read these, but I can't see re-reading them; nor do I think I'll pick up this author's next book, since I don't think she's that great a writer. Still, these were entertaining, if frustrating. The second one was the worst!

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