Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To-do list for this week/weekend

  1. Meet with officiant re: vows again.
  2. Finalize seating chart.
  3. Work on signage for bar, cupcake table, buffet table, candy buffet, gift table.
  4. Work on escort cards and room map.
  5. Buy alcohol.
  6. Decide where we're buying pumpkins.
  7. Buy parent gifts.
  8. Buy candy for candy buffet.
  9. Practice corset lacing with MOH.
  10. Send out rehearsal dinner invitations.
  11. Decorate cupcake tree (this might have to wait until next weekend!).
  12. Wash and decorate candy jars.
I'm sure there are about 80 other things I'm forgetting at the moment. Here we go!!