Thursday, October 15, 2009

OMW Week 40, WW Week 30

Forty weeks of getting up at 6 a.m. to work out! Can you believe it?

This week, if the non-digital scale is to be trusted, I gained a half-pound to a pound. I don't mind, because I'm picking up my dress this Saturday (Squeee!) and I'm seriously worried about the skirt not fitting because I've lost more weight, as I believe I mentioned. I'm stowing the dress at the MOH's house since of course Mr. T's not allowed to see it (we're keeping that tradition! He's seen my wedding shoes and hair stuff, though). After the wedding I'm totally buying a digital scale for the house. I just don't trust this analog business.

This week the women's section of the gym is closed again so they can put in new floors (about time, too). We're all in with the "smelly boys" again in the coed section, as I've been telling Mr. T (seriously, they need some fans up in that joint, is all I'm saying).

I finally got tired of my one pair of jeans that "fit" me falling off, so I went and bought two new pairs in a smaller size!! That was a super-exciting moment. Mr. T came with me and when I came out he remarked he hadn't realized how poorly my jeans were fitting until he saw me in some that actually fit right. What I said was, "I'm tiny!!!" It does take awhile for the self-image to catch up with what I see in the mirror, I'm discovering. In my head I look the same. I was so sick of my old jeans that I didn't even try to shop cheaply for new ones, I paid FULL PRICE for the two new pairs. And I don't regret it. Ha!

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