Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Photography Inspiration

I blogged awhile back that we were going to meet with a photographer. That hasn't happened yet (stuff came up), but since I was thinking about it, I started to collect images that I liked while going through WeddingBee or Offbeat Bride. I'm afraid to say I haven't been collecting the sources along with the photos. My apologies to any photographers out there, but let this be a lesson: label your stuff!

I realized today that I had thirty-something images collected (from wedding and engagement shoots), so I could probably draw some conclusions about what I liked. Here's what I discovered:

  • I like props. Parasols, umbrellas, and red balloons, etc. Especially red balloons, since I have two separate images featuring them!
  • I like vintage-looking romantic photos with black and white and sepia tones.
  • I like modern-looking photos with bright colors and unusual backgrounds.
  • I like photos where people are jumping.
  • I like photos of details like tables and hands. And shoes. Especially shoes.
  • I like photos in unusual locations, like the bride in the circular window below. I love that one.
  • I like photos that display the personality of the people in them.
  • I like playful photos.
  • I like photos that don't look too posed, but where the subjects display real emotion rather than stiff smiles.

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