Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More dresses

More dresses found in online wanderings. The red below is courtesy of the lovely Bekabee:

I adore the red color and of course I love the Halloween-appropriate graveyard photoshoot. But, I find it odd that the lacings are on the front of the corset. I just love the look of the lacings up the back. I do like the black touches on the dress, but I think I wouldn't like this skirt on me....too bunchy.

I like that this dress is more streamlined but still has character. However, the view from behind wasn't great. This one also laces up the front.

It looks like this company's corsets lace up the front AND the back? I find that odd. I like the front (except for the peasant blouse under the corset...a little too Renn Faire for me), but the skirt looks bad in the back.

I actually saved these photos because of the tuxedo cat, who reminds me of my own cutie tuxedo kitty. I also like that the cat matches the dress! I like the black buttons up the back of the dress and I like the black birdcage veil too. The gloves are a little 1980s Madonna for my taste.

I sorta like the asymmetrical thing on this dress, and that it's got some character without being too foofy. Still, it's not quite right.

I can't remember why I saved this one, actually! I think it's pretty (for a Cinderella-themed wedding) but the girl literally looks like a beached mermaid--like she would just be flopping that heavy bottom half of the dress around. Maybe this was supposed to be part of my "waify models hunching over in expensive white poofy dresses" collection.

Look at this, a white dress I don't hate! I actually quite like this but I have a feeling it would look crappy on me. It looks nice on the model's flat stomach and slender hips, but I sense that the cut and fabric would be unforgiving on a buxom curvy girl. Ah, well. A girl can look...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder where the red dress graveyard is - do you know? It looks a bit like the one in Ferndale, though I don't think it is. Could be anywhere in the Olde Country, though.

Corset lacing up front, especially in white, just looks like underwear. And I speak as someone who has indeed done that look - more completely than them as I had a set of hoops on with no overskirt. But not for a wedding. Plus I had a hat, so they lose there too!