Thursday, August 21, 2008

Also Hard of Hearing, Apparently

The other day I was reading WeddingBee and one of the bloggers mentioned that she got hit on for the first time since being engaged, and the guy wouldn't notice her ring, even though she was scratching her nose, running her hand through her hair, etc. to try to get him to see it without having to spell it out. Well, guys typically aren't that subtle, as much as it pains me to stereotype by gender, so eventually she had to just tell him.

This morning I was walking to work and a man smiled and said hello. This isn't that unusual, and I think most non-single or just plain not-interested women have perfected the polite-smile-then-look-away maneuver to avoid the conversation. Today, however, after I passed the guy, he yelled back at me (or, at least I thought this is what he yelled), "Do you want to go for coffee on Mission and 24th?"

I smiled and called back, "No thanks, I'm engaged!" I thought, "wow, that's a very specific request!" I also thought, "Oh, yeah. Still got it!"

"No, I meant were you getting coffee on Mission and 24th?"

Whoops. And also, we went from being very specific to being very vague. I mean, when was this incident supposed to have happened? I'm sure that at some point in my life I have gotten coffee on Mission and 24th. Still, I said, "Oh. No." and continued on.

Ah, well.

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Pica Maloria said...

Oh, he totally thought you were hot. He was just covering his ass. ;)