Monday, December 15, 2008

Review of Maximum Ride: School's Out--Forever

This book was the awkward middle child of this trilogy (I say this without having yet read the third book, but I just have a feeling). The first book was exciting because the characters were introduced, and the third/last book will have the conclusion to all the action. The second book was a little disappointing. Nothing really happened.

The kids end up staying with an FBI agent and being enrolled in school. Max struggles with the feeling of being overruled by the FBI agent, their new "mom". She also goes on her first date, with a normal teenage boy, and she struggles with feeling jealous when Fang also starts dating.

Of course they discover that the FBI agent is working with the lab that created/imprisoned them, and they escape to Florida, where they look up this giant lab that is supposedly going to destroy the world (which is why Max was created--to stop them? I think). They break into the lab and print out some info from the computer, which I'm assuming we'll hear more about in the next book.

There was a side plot about a duplicate Max that the lab created, since the first one (our narrator) wasn't cooperating. I'm assuming we'll see more of dupe Max in the last book too.

So, all in all, nothing much really happened. I wasn't turned off enough to not want to read the final book, but it was a bummer to come down after such an exciting beginning.

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