Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Resolution Clarification

I'd like to point out that I will not be doing ALL of my bright fitness ideas at once. That seems like a recipe for failure! Instead, I'll try one idea, see if I like it, and then if I make it stick, try to incorporate something else.

After much thought I decided to try getting up early and going to the gym before work to see if I can do it. Mr. T says he'll get up with me and work out at home while I go to the gym, and I think if both of us are getting up (not me having to get up while Mr. T blissfully slumbers in the warm bed), it could work! I'll start with a couple days a week, and then increase it if it's working out. The irony is that when we're going to bed Mr. T and I have a running joke about, "Did you set the alarm for 6, so we can go jogging in the morning?" Now that seems almost prophetic! (Although, still no jogging for me! Bleach. My knees would rebel.)

After that I probably would move on to the 100 push-up challenge. That seems like it would be easy to incorporate, it would be affordable, and it might actually obtain results!

I decided to postpone the cleanse for awhile. As attractive as it is to think about starting off the New Year with a clean slate (so to speak), my friends reminded me that we have some events coming up where I will be really bummed not to be drinking or eating a restricted diet...like my troupemate's bachelorette party in Vegas! So I'll wait on that one.

My boss's boss just lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers. She doesn't go to any meetings, she just uses the online tools. She says it helps her think about what she's eating and how big her portions are. I'm not sure how much WW costs, but it's one to think about...the MOH has used it and liked it as well. Hm.

Happy New Year! I'm curious to hear any resolutions folks are making, whether fitness-related or not.

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NiCole said...

Sounds like you have a really down to earth plan. My MIL used WW also, and loved it--it helped a lot. If you want to simply count calories and are in a do-it-yourself mood, here is a website I've used that worked: http://www.fitday.com/ (it's free).

I'm trying to get back to fitness, too. My doc told me a couple of years ago that I had a high risk of heart disease and was borderline diabetic--at that point I dropped all the extra weight and was feeling great, but crashed during this last stress-filled year, and gained 40 lbs. Now it's time to take care of myself again. Back to basics for me this year. Enough sleep, healthy eating, regular cardio and weights, and--you know me--a few minutes of scriptures daily.

It helps to know I'm not the only one trying to do better! Good luck to you, Beth!