Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Invite Ideas and Inspiration Boards

I'm tidying up my saved jpegs, so that means they have to get posted before I forget about them!
First up, some invitation ideas. Lately Mr. T has said he wants to do a more typographic design, so I'm not sure we'll end up with anything resembling the following, but I like it all.

First up, a "woodcut" made out of construction paper. Although we certainly have plenty of time to make these, I think it would drive us crazy. Still, amazing, no? So skilled.

Next, an adorable pumpkin bag that holds the invite. A bitch to ship, but cute.

I love the silver ink on the black paper. I wonder how that's done.

Some more "traditional" invites. You can actually buy these blank and print them yourself at home. If we're cutting some more corners, this might be a way to go:

And finally, some inspiration boards about Halloween weddings, exciting! I love the one of the drinks; that's black vodka in some of them! Who knew that existed?

Oh, and one Day of the Dead board. Love the black glitter pumpkin! Hmmmmm....


bluntbelly said...

The black vodka is Blavod:

They used to carry it at DNA. As the resident vodka snob, I'd say it looks cool but not very drinkable.

This, however, might be more up your alley. Is *delicious*, and just might match your dress (Yes, it looks that red out of the bottle, too):

Bellybee said...

I have had that pomegranate tequila, I think at your house! It IS delicious. I think we'll be using magnums of patron from CostCo, though...yummy AND cost-effective.